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General Information About The Store


Au Pont Rouge is one of the first department stores in the world. Founded in 1907, it was reopened 108 years later, in 2015. Russian Imperial Family was among its first customers and nowadays you can share their experience.

While constructing this iconic building Konstantin de Rochefort and Vladimir Lipsky used advanced technologies of that time.

Au Pont Rouge reflects eclectic and dynamic atmosphere of the city where innovation, culture and traditions play important roles. The store space has been organized to provide all the customers with the maximum comfort.

With a developed retail space of 7200 m2 Au Pont Rouge has a unique assortment of concepts, including a selected mix of exclusive Russian souvenirs, a unique beauty space and a lot of other departments. At all levels of the store we proudly display both the most demanded, top brands and promising international and local talents of different market level.

Our assortment is constantly changing; we host outstanding events during which the customers fall into the unique atmosphere of Saint Petersburg.

Every great city needs its iconic department store that embodies the spirit of the people; and that becomes globally loved for its uniqueness. We believe that Au Pont Rouge is exactly that kind of store.

Over the next two years, the store will continue to develop by adding more products; all the new arrivals will be reflected on the website.

We offer a full range of services, including multilingual assistance, store guides, wardrobe, phone charging points and free coffee.

We are always thankful for your visit! However, if you can’t visit our store personally you have the possibility to surf our website www.aupontrouge.ru.

Store is open daily from 10.00 to 22.00.

As well, we offer a 24/7 parking which is at Moyka embankment 77.


Level -1

Parking on the territory of the department store is open around the clock. Entrance is carried out from the embankment of the Moika River, 77.


Level 1

The first floor was designed by the leading British architect Christopher Jenner, who embodied the best of Art Nouveau projects. It stands to mention that the elevators and marble staircase were reconstructed according to the historical references to their original details.

The 1st floor of the Department store accommodates Au Pont Rouge Beauté - the quintessence of modern beauty shopping: the interior in the style of Art Nouveau, inspiring les stylists, Grand and niche from Kilian, Cle De Peau, Penhaligan's, Chanel, Dior, Hermes, Shiseido, Tom Ford.


Level 2

On the second floor of Au Pont Rouge Department store there is a new space for men's classic clothes, shoes and premium accessories. You can find such legendary classics brands like Castangia 1850, CC Collection Corneliani, Stenströms and many others. Also you can find collections of word well known brands.

We have the biggest book corner curated by Hermitage Museum Shop. Here you can buy unique and rare international and Russian books, office supplies and souvenirs.

BOND ideology is addressed to those for whom the culture of selfcare and their appearance - it's not a tribute to fashion, but a ritual which has become a part of the lifestyle and one of the first items on the list of good habits. Double-breasted white robes became the BOND masters’ uniforms. They were made on a by-order basis by St. Petersburg menswear brand MATH-studios. 


Level 3

New York architect Rafael de Cardenas, who had changed a typical model of retail space, designed the third floor. The laconic design serves for an elaborate, esthetic aim, expressed in three different ceiling patterns (they are seen from the street). Colored glass, metal and mirrors form a futuristic space. Here the brands, that define each season trend and set the entire fashion-industry tone, are presented.

Everyone can find something exceptional here – contemporary, street-style, or casual, proven styles or custom designs – the choice is yours.



One of Au Pont Rouge’s missions is to develop and support talents of different fashion and culture areas.

Young designers and small shops now have a unique opportunity to present their collections in the best store of St. Petersburg, to attract attention and to expand its audience.

We are always on the move and do everything to entertain each of our customers. You will find the most essential fashion, street-fashion, design, art and culture projects, imbued with the spirit of youth and freedom.

WONDERLAND is not just a conceptual project, but also an interactive platform, which will host exhibitions, concerts and other events.